Advertising campaigns

Are you launching a new product, a unique service or a special offer? Do you need to increase the brand awareness? We are ready to come up with creative ideas for your campaign, recommend the optimum mediaplan based on the budget and the target group, buy the proper media and take care of the complete production.

We organize promo events including promo stand designs, rentals, hostesses, costumes and tailor-made promotional items.

Ad banner, PZP, 2015 Advertisement, PZP, 2010 Advertisement, OEZ, 2010 Car door handle hanger –guarding service promotion, SVAgency, 2009 Advertisement, Steel Building Service, 2008 Advertisement Smetanova Litomyšl, Saint Gobain Technical Fabrics, 2008 Advertisement, OEZ, 2005 Advertisement of the service "Free home guarding", Jablotron, 2007 Advertisement, Dibaq, 2008 Advertisement, Dibaq, 2008 Advertisement, Dibaq, 2008