Corporate design

A consistent corporate style, including the logotype and the basic corporate materials such as business cards, headed notepaper or folders makes the very base of any company's image. That is why we give extra care to all corporate identity solutions and always present the clients with a range of designs, so that they can choose the way that suits them best and matches the character and philosophy of their company. They are designed to be as time-resistant as possible and their motives can be used in other promotional materials. We can prepare logotypes as well as complete graphic manuals with set rules for corporate motives, colours, fonts and other graphic items in the individual areas of promotion and communication.

 Logotype TOS HOSTIVAŘ, HOL – MONTA spol. s r. o., 2016  Logotype, REFINAL s. r. o., GAMATEC s. r. o., ELFINAL s. r. o., 2016 Graphic symbol of logotype REFINAL s. r. o., GAMATEC s. r. o., ELFINAL s. r. o., 2016 Corporate design, Krofian, 2015 Logo, Krofian, 2015 Logotype, AG COM, 2012 Corporate design, AG COM, 2012 Logotype, 1.ekologická, 2011 Logotype, Linie Program, 2009 Logotype, GreenBox, 2010 Logotype, eBIOneta, 2011 Logotype, Kapo, 2011 Corporate design, PCT, 2005 Logotype, PCT, 2005 Corporate design, Soma Engineering, 2002 Logotype, Soma Engineering, 2002 Logotype and box Speed8, Tec Food, 2004 Logotype Athos - car security systems, Jablotron, 2007 Logotype Butterflies, Milpex, 1994 Logotype Erektus, Pinelli, 1995 Logotype, IGU, 2004 Logotype for the festival "Jičín - a city of fairytales", Nadační fond Jičín - Město pohádky, 1990 Logotype, Cowaco, 2007 Logotype, Steel Building Service, 2008 Logotype, R-JET For You, 2005 Logotype, Tres Mosquitos, 2007